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Face: I Woke Up Like This

Bring it in a fresh face with minimal makeup, let me see that mug.

Vogue: The Silk Sleepover

Bring it in your finest silk PJs, no Poly and Esther here. 

Runway: Wrapped in Robes
Naomi has nothing on you as you bring it to the runway draped in robes and don't forget the PUMP! 

Sex Siren: Leather & Lace

Bring it in Leather & Lace for the gods, sell me SEX!

Bizarre: Creative Nude Illusion

Bring the Illusion that you are as naked as the day you were born. And we do mean ILLUSION. No Actual Nudity Allowed. A thong must be worn under jockstraps, etc.

To register, or for more information email:

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